Innova-Lab - An Innovative Toolbox for Real Estate Development

InnovaLaB is a nimble, responsive, experienced, and “innovative” real estate developer and consultant with a focus on delivering modular solutions to the growing housing crisis facing our various cities, counties, townships, and villages.

The synergy to get housing developed is immense.  InnovaLaB brings all of the various stakeholders with various limitations and coordinates them to be part of the advancement of development. 


Each stakeholder that is involved in a real estate development typically has a defined and limiting directive.  Some are limited by lack of experience, lack of sufficient people or time, by funding restrictions, by limiting directives or purpose, by laws governing the entity, or by many other factors. 


InnovaLaB facilitates and coordinates various stakeholders to get real estate development accomplished. 

InnovaLab believes strongly that a strategic and well-planned introduction of modular development is a game changer for the current market place through the introduction of modular construction of single family and multifamily residential units designed and priced for any market.

Modular construction offers numerous advantages:

Highly Competitive Peer Square Foot Pricing

Quality Control

•Construction Speed

•Energy Efficiency

•Stronger More Durable Construction

•Less Waste

•Neighborhood Friendly

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